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Best Bar Soap For Eczema: Reviews, Tips and Remedies

Best Bar Soap for Eczema, How to Cure It? Everything About Eczema. 

You wake up bummed with the itchiness of your face. You immediately run to the mirror and find that your face and even the rest of your skin are covered with red patches. You slammed your palm on your head in dismay. This, with also drying of skin, could only mean one thing: eczema.  

Eczema, scientifically called atopic dermatitis, is a condition where sections of your skin are covered with red patches, which can sometimes lead to bleeding.  

Over 30 million people from all around the world are suffering from eczema. If you’re unlucky enough to fall between the sensitive and dry skin pack, then you’ll be suffering more skin allergies from eczema.  

Everyone experiences itchiness once in a while, but that sort of itchiness is nothing compared to the itchiness accompanied by eczema. The itchiness is so intense that your first instinct will tell you to find the best bar soap for eczema for relief. There are loads of home remedies considered as the best bar soap for eczema. But before getting to that, it is vital to discuss the thing that causes it.  

What Are Causes of Eczema? 

Scientists haven’t pinpointed yet the exact cause of eczema. They do have a few ideas. The first thing you need to know is eczema isn’t really contagious. So there’s no point in trying to stay away from a family member or friend who has this skin disease.  

Atopic dermatitis takes place when the immune system experiences some dysfunction. In other words, your immune system becomes complex, which only happens depending on your genetic response.  

Eczema can also result from certain triggers like stress, humid weather, food allergies, and the like. Oftentimes, eczema triggers don’t last long.  

Since eczema is pretty much genetic, then there is no way to prevent it. If you have it, then you have it. But just because you can’t prevent it doesn’t mean that you can’t cure.  

How Do You Cure Eczema? 

Many people claim that certain diets can help in lessening eczema symptoms. However, there is not enough scientific evidence that diet can get rid of all the symptoms. Intake of probiotics, accompanied by proper exercise, has proven to alleviate them.  


You may want to start drinking black and oolong teas if you’re suffering from eczema since they are quite effective in calming flare-ups.  

You may also add magnesium flakes and Epsom salt in your bath since they are proven to alleviate eczema symptoms. Moisturizing is also a great way to get rid of them. You can do so by rubbing coconut oil into your skin. If you don’t have this, then Jojoba oil is also a good alternative.  Another option would be to use the best bar soap for eczema on the market that will be featured in this article as you scroll down.  

Since Jojoba oil is somewhat similar to sebum which is the skin’s natural oil, then scrubbing Jojoba into your skin can increase eczema’s healing process. If you’re eczema has gotten a bit intense, then you might want to take an oatmeal bath. There are loads of evidences pointing to its efficacy in lowering down the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. You can also prevent your eczema from getting worse by adding olive oil, honey, and beeswax to your daily regimen.  

You also might want to consider ozonated olive oil.  It’s a natural remedy that brings oxygen to the skin, rejuvenating and replacing old cells. This olive oil has the capacity to reduce swelling and redness of the skin.  

best bar soap for eczema

What Not to Do When You Have Eczema  

  • You shouldn’t rely smuch oexfoliating. 

Many people believe that eczema is due to lack of exfoliation. Because of that, they tend to exfoliate more often when they find eczema symptoms on their skin. Little do people know that exfoliation techniques do nothing but make the symptoms worse. Instead of looking for exfoliation soaps, you need to set out for the best bar soap for eczema 

  • You shouldn’t take oevery eczema product you find.  

Although it’s true that medicines can help relieve eczema, you should still always remember that drugs can make matters worse. If you think eczema is already bad enough, then you’ll be a lot more surprised if you are suddenly hit with a new allergy because of a drug that was supposedly going to make everything better for you.  

That doesn’t mean that you should quit on drugs though. If there is one effective way of getting rid of all that red patches, it would be prescribed medicine. However, before trying on every eczema drug that crosses your path, you have to ask for samples first. This way, you’ll see if your body is going to have any kind of negative reaction to the medicine.  

It is good to look for eczema products, but it would be best to settle for the best bar soap for eczema for the best results.  

  • You shouldn’t stress yourself out.  

It is a known fact that physical reactions are a result of stress. Once you are under stress, your body gives out some kind of reaction, which should serve as a sign that that’s about enough stress your body can take. Besides, it was already noted in the last paragraphs how stress can contribute to seasonal eczema.  

Now that you know how stress can play a role in eczema, you should stay away from activities that can lead you to having too much of it. Try to avoid negative thought as much as you can since it can also lead to stress.  

On the other hand, you might as well get involved in activities that make you forget about your problems. Engage in activities that make you happy.  

  • You must noscratch your skin ever.  

The thing about eczema is it’s about the itchiest thing on earth that you can ever experience. There’s a reason they call it intense itching. So, when you have eczema, avoiding scratching is about the most impossible thing on earth.  

Scratching your skin may give tons of relief, but that is only for a short period of time. If you keep on scratching your skin, you shouldn’t be surprised to find your eczema in the next few hours or days getting much worse.  

Although avoiding scratching seems difficult from where you’re standing, it is still doable with the use of itch relief regimens. Opt to use itch relief instead of scratching your skin all the time.  

What You Should Do When You Have Eczema  

  • Pat your skin when you’re trying to dry out. 

Typically, people rub their skin with a towel whenever they get out of the shower. Although lots of people are doing it, you may want to try a different approach, especially if you’re suffering from eczema.  

Rubbing your skin with a towel can make your skin want to react. It may lead to more infections. The best thing you can do is to gently pat your skin with a towel to dry out, instead of rubbing it.  

  • Be more hygienic. 

All types of sickness involve some kind of bacterial infection. In that case, you can’t argue that a bit of hygiene can do the trick.  

If you keep your body clean, then the symptoms accompanied by eczema can slowly wither away. Make sure to include the best bar soap for eczema on the market part of your hygiene routine.  

  • Use good towels.  

Rubbing your skin with a towel isn’t the only thing that can cause your skin to react. Negative reactions can also be caused by low-quality towels.  

Instead of just using any kind of towel, you should invest in towels that are soft or made of cotton. That way, your skin won’t get affected by its texture.  

Best Bar Soap for Eczema to Use 

None of those tactics are going to work if you don’t add some kind of regimen that will actually deal with the red patches.  

Most dermatologists would suggest getting into skin care to permanently get rid of eczema. One way to go about it is through the use of a soap body bar. Here are some of the best of them: 

  • Cetaphil RestoraDerm, Eczema Calming Body Wash 

This is intended to protect, soothe, and replenish your skin, especially if it is prone to eczema. When you have eczema, you tend to have dry and itchy skin. That is exactly what Cetaphil is trying to prevent.  

This is deemed to be the best bar soap for eczema since it does a good job in keeping your eczema-prone skin moisturized all day so that the infection won’t go in worse state. It also is in an all-natural soap, which means you don’t have to worry about side effects that can only add up to your current problem 

  • SheaMoisture Eczema and Psoriasis Therapy African Black Soap 

When you have eczema, there is a big need for you to have your skin moisturized. Oftentimes, the problem is knowing which kind of soap that can best moisturize your skin type.  

You’re in luck because this soap is perfectly capable of moisturizing any type of skin, making it the market’s best bar soap for eczema. It doesn’t matter if you have oily or dry skin, this soap has got figured it out.  

What’s more is that this black soap is with body butter, which makes your skin more radiant and glowing, thus making it a lot healthier.  

  • Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar 

This soap is derived from Dead Sea mineral mud from Israel. What’s great about this soap is that it’s 100% organic. It is also handmade. It is made only by the best artisans in the world.  

Since it is made from skin oils like shea butter, virgin olive oil, and many more, it has the ability to cure skin diseases like eczema, which is why people dub it as also the best bar soap for eczema they have ever tried.  

  • Eczema Psoriasis Bar Soap 

If you’re suffering from eczema, you can only dream of finally be relieved from all the red patches and itchiness that you’re feeling. You have missed the days when you don’t have to worry about any part of your body itching.  

You can have that life back with the help of this soap. Although this soap is originally made to heal psoriasis, its ingredients are also a surefire solution to eczema.  

This soap contains lavender, dill, and rosemary, which happen to be ingredients that can naturally cure eczema symptoms such as red patches and intense itching. As an all-time favorite, marketers consider it as the best bar soap for eczema  

  • Noble Formula 2% Pyrithione Zinc Bar Soap 

Pyrithione zinc is a type of zinc that contains antibacterial properties. This is just the kind of zinc that your body needs to be relieved from eczema. Luckily, the creators thought of putting that ingredient into this soap.  

That way, with continuous use, you’ll be sure to get rid of that intense itching and red patches in no time. By the time you are done using it, you will agree that it is the best bar soap for eczema in the industry.  

  • DermaHarmony 2% Pyrithione Zinc Bar Soap 

Skin doctors always say that you need to stay away from fragrance soap if you’re suffering from eczema. The problem is most soaps are fragranced. So it can be rather tough to find one that is right for your eczema-prone skin.  

The search for the best bar soap for eczema is over. With DermaHarmony soap, you can have all the ingredients that will cure your itchiness, minus the fragrance. It contains lots of natural ingredients, which is why you won’ find any fragrance in it.  

  • Organic African Black Soap 

Most people would die for flawless skin, but instead some of them grew eczema. Eczema can be devastating. But here is your chance to have flawless skin again, even when you have eczema.  

This soap has all the organic ingredients which not only makes eczema possible to cure. Also, it is free from chemicals that may lead to side effects.  

The soap is so good that even Africans themselves consider the soap to be the best bar soap for eczema in their country. Not only can it cure eczema. It also has the ability to cure other types of skin illnesses.  


Atopic dermatitis is one of the most aggravating illnesses in the world due to the fact that even though it’s not a painful illness, it still leaves the victim very uncomfortable. This in effect can make the victim desperate for a cure. Due to desperation, the victim ends up making everything worse for their situation.  

The best thing to do is to get informed during the early symptoms of eczema. That way, you can better prepare for the cure and avoid side effects that can make you more uncomfortable than you already are. The bar soaps mentioned above are the considered to be the market’s best bar soap for eczemasince they are backed up with the most scientific evidence that can stand up for its efficacy. So now we can this question: How to choose the best lush face mask?




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