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How To Choose The Best Lush Face Mask for Your Skin?

Choosing the Best Lush Face Mask for Your Skin 

Facial masks are known to unclog pores, absorb oil, pollutants, and dirt from the skin of your face. Most brands of facial masks today contain some chemicals that can irritate your skin or cause an allergy.  

While many products are being sold today, nothing beats the one that uses only natural ingredients and antioxidants, like the best Lush Face Masks.  

best Lush Face Mask

Why Is Lush Known as one of the Best Face Mask? 

It is mainly because the best Lush Face Masks are not just like any ordinary face masks that use a chemical that may not work well with your skin.  

You see, the best Lush Face Masks come in many varieties that are extracted from the ingredients like fruits, vegetables, butter, essential oil, and clays.  

Among them, the top picks for the best Lush Face Masks are the following: 

  • Cupcake Face Mask 
  • Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask  
  • Catastrophe Cosmetic Lush Mask 
  • Cosmetic Warrior 
  • Oatflix 

Just by looking at their names, they imply the use of natural extracts that can smoothen, cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate your skin leaving it healthy and glowing 

Cupcake Face Mask 

The Cupcake Face Mask is on top of the best Lush Face Mask with its chocolate and mint aroma when put on the skin.  

Its ingredients help soothe the face with a radiant glow. It is great for acne prone skin and leaves it with a radiant glow.  

Lush Cup O’ Coffee 

Just like that cup of coffee that perks you up in the morning, the Lush Cup O’ Coffee, revitalizes your skin with its rich coffee aroma. 

The used ingredients of Lush Cup O’ Coffee are coffee grounds which work best as an exfoliator. These properties can have the soothing effects to the eyes and can reduce its puffiness.  

Coffee scrubs reduce stubborn cellulite on the thighs and legs, as well as soothe your feet. It exfoliates hard skin and repairs your damaged skin cells.  

Together with kaolin clay, this one of the best Lush Face Masks can go deeper into the skin and absorb all the oil and dirt in it. 

Catastrophe Cosmetic Lush Mask 

This mask is one of the best Lush Face Mask that is made up of blueberries, calamine powder, and chamomile blue oil. These natural ingredients can soothe the face and thwart any sign of irritation or redness.  

When applied on the face, it leaves it blue for a few hours. You need to wash your face several times to get rid of the color. 

Cosmetic Warrior 

This mask is made up of fresh garlic and egg whites. It clears your skin of any redness and blotches. It is soothing to the skin but has a strong smell of garlic.  

However, it is only temporary. Once it has been removed from your face and rinsed, the garlic smell also leaves. 

Oatflix Lush Facial Mask 

Outflix as one of the best Lush Facial Mask has the active components of fresh bananas and illipe butter designed to nourish and moisturize dry skin. Its exfoliating base is the oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin to which they remove dead skin cells from the face leaving it smooth and soft.  

You can apply this face mask liberally to the face for 10-15 minutes for the natural ingredients to work together. Then, you can wash them off with water to get that smooth effect. 

Rosy Cheeks 

For those who are always sweating or working out, the Rosy Cheeks is undoubtedly one of the best Lush Facial Mask for youIt has calamine and rose clay as its active components can get away from all the excess oil on your face and free it from any redness.  

Aside from its clearing effects, the scent of the rose gives you a calming feeling. 

The best Lush Face Masks are friendly on the skin. Even the Catastrophe Cosmetic Lush Mask is never a disaster at all as you can apply this smoothly on your face.  

Instead, they continue revitalizing, smoothing, and toning your skin to make it look brighter and younger, and oil free. 

Some other Lush products are also given high votes this year by its users, such as: 

  • Mask of Magnanimity 
  • Lush Cup of Coffee 
  • Lush Volcano Foot Mask 
  • Nature Lush Hair Mask 
  • Nature Lush Argan Hair Mask 

Mask of Magnanimity 

The Mask of Magnanimity seems to be everybody’s top pick as this variant suits all skin types: dry skin, oily skin, and mature skin or aging skin. 

The Mask of Magnanimity is so gentle on the skin which you can use daily as face and body scrub. It is a minty kind of mask that uses the ingredients of kaolin clay, aduki beans, and peppermint oil to eradicate deep-seated dirt without robbing off its natural oils.  

The aduki beans are grounded to help polish the skin and absorb the oil and dirt. It can even be applied to the body to relieve muscle pain. Its ingredients also include vanilla and honey, which can serve as a moisturizer. It calms the redness on the skin and leaves it with a pleasant smell.  

On the other hand, the peppermint gives a tingling sensation and calming effect. It can also exfoliate and smoothen the skin removing flaky parts from it. 

Other Lush products that have brought attention to the public are not precisely designed for face use, but they have been gaining wide acceptance. Instead, they are Lush’s specialized masks for the foot and hair.  

Lush Volcano Foot Mask 

This mask is specially formulated for the feet. Calluses and cracked skin on the feet should be given the same amount of care and treatment like the face and hair.  

This product uses deodorizing compounds and extracts of papaya and pumice (for dead skin, and calluses), lemon oil, fresh tomatoes to cleanse and refresh tired feet while removing unpleasant foot odorYou can use the mask three times a week. 

Nature Lush Hair Mask 

The Nature Lush Hair mask is a mask that contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, honey, and olive oil. The Aloe Vera extract is known to be an effective cure for hair fall and can condition frizzy hair well similar to that of keratin.  

Keratin is a significant protein to promote hair growth, reduce dandruff, leaving hair silky smooth and shiny. Honey keeps the hair moisture and gives off enzymes and nutrients to the scalp to make your hair shine.  

Olive oil thickens hair and rejuvenates it. It also eliminates dandruff as well as scalp itching. The product is also suitable for colored hair. 

Nature Lush Argan Hair Mask 

This product works the same as Nature Lush Hair Mask. It is a good hair conditioner and can restore your damaged hair to its normal condition. The ingredients of Lush Argan Hair Mask include argan oil, saw palmetto, biotin, and olive oil.  

The major ingredient of this product is argan oil and is known to be a gentle conditioner for the hair. Argan oil also works the same for the skin as it is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids.  

On the other hand, it also contains saw palmetto which is a berry fruit extract that prevents hair loss and baldness, an active anti-aging product. 

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Lush Face Mask 

Which is the best among the best Lush Face Mask products mentioned? 

Well, that depends on your goal or what you are after in using a face mask. Say, if you want to have deep cleansing, a rejuvenated or refreshed face, or if you want a calm and soothing feeling right after, or perhaps want an exfoliating scrub. 

You can use Cosmetic Warrior and Cupcake if you want deep cleansing. This can go along well with clarifying mud, clay or powder.  

Additional purifying ingredients and astringent can add more effects. With the active ingredients in Cosmetic Warrior and Cupcake, you can be assured of a profound cleansing effect that leaves your skin smooth and supple. 

If you want to feel refreshed, you can opt for Ayesha with its antioxidant from papaya, asparagus, and kiwi. It will give your skin a more enhanced and radiant look.  

If you want an exfoliated effect, you may try on Oatflix, Mask of Magnanimity, Cup o’ Coffee from the best Lush Facial Mask line-up. If you crave for the calm and soothing look, you can try on Rosy Cheeks Fresh Facem Mask and Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask with calamine powder. 

Tips for Buying a Facial Mask 

As you already know, a facial mask can enhance the beauty of your skin. You should include applying the facial mask on your face every once or twice a week in your beauty regimen.  

So, when you plan to buy a facial mask, think about the following tips. 

  1. You must know your skin type, whether it is oily, dry,normal, mature skin or if it needs an extra boost. Recognizing thetype of your skin should be your primary concern before you can check on the best Lush Facial Mask that could work best for you. It always pays to seek the advice of a beauty specialist or dermatologist. 
  2. If your skin is of the oily type, then recognize the fact that it could be prone to blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes. It has overactive sebaceous glands and could lookshinier than the normal skin.  

Oily skin has an oily T-zone; i.e., the area where the forehead, nose and your chin lies. It could be a combination of both oily and normal wherein, it is only oily on the T-zone area and normal for the rest of your face.  

What you need is a clarifying mask to remove all impurities and the dirt in your clogged pores. You might as well add a hydrating lotion to exfoliate your skin.  

So, what you need is the best Lush Face Mask with a combination of Aloe Vera and chamomile to calm your face. Masks that contain salicylic acid, caffeine, as well as cinnamon can also prevent the growth of bacteria on the skinexfoliating your dead skin cells. 

  1. If you havedryskin, then find a facial mask that provides moisture and with hydrating and soothing properties. Dry skin is usually the most sensitive, can be flaky and may also feel tight.  

You can use the best Lush Facial Masks that have strong moisturizers to restore the radiance of your skin. Dry skin is usually caused by extreme weather circumstances, medications, and aging.  

A face mask which contains hyaluronic acid and the bud of the rowan tree can boost your skin with extra moisture. 

  1. You will know if you have mature skin. Matureskinis characterized by fine lines, wrinkles, sagginess and enlarged pores. That is normally the skin type of older persons since the skin has less elasticity and becomes more thinly, lined and wrinkled with the lack of collagen.  

Choose a hydrating face mask to smoothen aging skin (bioaqua mask). For those who smoke, constantly sunbathes, and have a poor diet, your skin may look dull. So, choose the best Lush Face Mask for hydrating your skin. 

You can also opt for the best Lush Face Mask that contain vitamin E and rose oil. 

  1. Havinga normalskin, you can use a facial mask that can refresh and add hydration to your skin. With this skin type, you can choose any mask.  

Perhaps, you can try on the best Lush Face Mask that have either a burst of rose juice, wheat proteins, green tea. All of these ingredients can cleanse, tone and rejuvenate your skin. 

  1. For extra sensitive skin, look for a gentle mask with soothing components. You can even find one thatis specially preparedfor sensitive skins with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties 
  2. The eyes need tobe protectedas well. Find the best Lush Face Mask that you can apply to the under eye area and add extra moisture, firmness, and enhanced circulation to clear puffy eyes, reduce the dark circles and has hydrating effects. 




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