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Carmex Lip Balm Review

The Latest Review for the Carmex Lip Balm for Soft Lips 

The lip balm is used as a topical application for the lips to get relief from chapped lips, angular cheilitis, sores, and stomatitis. Its other names are Chapstick, lip gloss, applicator. 

Primarily, its purpose is to get the lips moisturized to avoid dry lips, especially during cold weather. A lip balm acts as a lip moisturizer.  

The natural ingredients of a lip balm include beeswax or carnauba wax, camphorlanolin, paraffin, petrolatum, and cetyl alcohol, among others. In some countries in Europe, phenol is absent in the formula as it is prohibited in cosmetics in the European Union.  

Lip balms come in two variants – the scented and unscented variants. The lips shimmer whenever lip balm is applied.   

In some cases, people complain of a little irritation whenever lip balm is applied especially when it touches a lip sore. That is because its active ingredient is camphor and menthol.  

These are responsible for the tingling sensation felt in the lip whenever lip balm is applied. 

The lip balm can also be used together with anti-aging formula. Just add hyaluronic acid, atelocollagen, and dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline to plump up your lips and reduce the grooves on your lip’s edges.  

Other uses of the lip balm include softening dry elbows, cuticles, knees, grooming and your eyebrows. 

The Difference Between a Lipstick, Lip Balm, and Lip Gloss 

In this Carmex Lip Balm review, it is necessary to first differentiate a lipstick from a lip balm and a lip gloss. Although, all of the three, lipstick, and lip balm and lip gloss, have different functions each when applied to the lips. Let us start with the lipstick and lip gloss. 

Lipstick is applied to the lips to change its color and texture. A lip gloss, on the other hand, is applied to the lips to give a higher shine or to have some color to the lips. It is not as strong as the effect derived when applying lipstick.  

A lip gloss is also used before applying makeup to enhance the overall efficiency of makeups on the face. The lip balm, on the other hand, comes in gel form and has a medicinal value to derive relief from dry lips, stomatitis, cold sores and cheilitis.  

In its basic form, a lip balm is made up of waxy cream that can provide instant relief from any discomfort on the lips. Lip balm brands vary as to their flavor and fragrances and come with different ingredients like dyes, menthol, and salicylic acid.  

Lip balms come in handy especially when the lips are more prone to dryness due to the climate, dry air, and other extremes that can also cause dryness to the skin to the most parts of the body.  

You can apply lip balms with the fingers, or directly from the tube. In the same manner like the lipstick, the lip balm could have as many flavors depending on the natural ingredients it uses. 

As mentioned earlier, lip balms can have other uses like softening of dry elbows, cuticles, the knees, and eyebrows. To get to know about lip balms in this Carmex Lip Balm review, we examined the more popular lip balm brands.


Carmex Lip Balm Review 

Top Lip Balm Brands Today 

Lip balm brands may come from the same basic ingredients but differs only with the varieties, flavor and uses that they have. While there are numerous lip balms sold on the market today, we try to cover many things in this Carmex Lip Balm review, like the following: 

Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm 

Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm is considered among the best organic chapsticks in town today with the natural components of beeswax, and Vitamin E. It also has peppermint oil which is very soothing to the lips.  

Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm is capable of healing your cracked or chapped lips effectively. 

Burt’s Beeswax has been popular since 1991, with its Vitamin E as antioxidant and moisturizer for the skin. It always contains peppermint to provide a tingling sensation while turning your lips smooth and supple. The Carmex Lip Balm review guarantees the efficiency of this lip balm among its users. 

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Lip Balm 

The EOS lip balm is another organic balm that has the ingredients of shea butter and vitamin EThese elements found in EOS lip balm moisturize and stay on the lips for a long time 

EOS has a few flavors that its users will love: Lemon Drop which has SPF 15, Sweet Mint, and Summer Fruit. 

EOS Lip Balm is a certified USDA organic lip balm that is 100% natural, petroleum, and paraben free ingredients. EOS also contains an ingredient which is Vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil that guarantees a hydrating effect to your lips while overflowing with moisture.  

Its other flavors include Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Sweet Mint, Blueberry Acai, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Vanilla Bean, Pomegranate Raspberry, peach, and Wildberry. 

The packaging is attractive as well, as they come in cute spheres that make it so distinctive from among the common types of lip balms. Of course, EOS still maintains its stick packaging with its Organic Lip Balm in the stick. 

Nivea Lip Care a Kiss of Moisture 

Nivea is an inexpensive brand which is considered as a very efficient lip balm. The Nivea lip balms are effective for cracked or chapped lips.  

Some of its flavors also contain SPF. Nivea’s lip care line is Nivea Lip Care a Kiss of Moisture, Essential Lip Care (look for the blue tube).  Nivea is a worldwide renowned product that people use. People trust this brand. 

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15  

The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is another tremendous hydrating balm, and also has a plumping action for the lips, with the vitamins A, C, and E as ingredients together with currant oil, sugar to make a sweet and delicious lip balm when tasted.  

SPF 15 is also included in its components. Tinted Sugar Lip Treatment is also available (the Sugar Honey is a good neutral to try) for soft lips.  

Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm SPF 20 

The Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm is sheer tinted lip balm with ion2 complex and SPF 20 that can immediately moisturize and protect your lips from the sun’s rays. Thus, they become softer, rosier and healthier right after you apply them.  

You will see the dramatic results in a week’s time and find that the texture and color of your lips have significantly improved. You can turn your lips into kissable naturally rosy with Neutrogena Revitalizing SPF 20 by using the Healthy Blush variant.  

The Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm SPF 20 in Sunny Berry can turn your lips extra soft while Moisture Shine can plump up and shine them. You can choose from any of its six moisturizing shades. 

Blistex Lip Balm 

Blistex is another brand of lip balmBlistex Medicated Lip Balm works to prevent dryness and chapping of the lips.  

Blistex works to protect lip moistures with its natural glide formula. Its main ingredients contain phenol, parabens, saccharin, fragrance, petrolatum, oxybenzone, mineral oil and paraffin. This Chapstick can provide you the relief you are looking for. 

The Carmex Lip Balm Review 

Carmex Lip Balm review indicated that Carmex Lip Balms have a broad spectrum when it comes to protection. It protects you from the elements that could cause chapped lips that could give extreme discomfort.  

The main ingredients of Carmex include menthol and camphor. Its packaging comes in a pot or tubes.  

In a different Carmex Lip Balm review, the product was also presented with many flavors; i.e., yummy vanilla, lime, and cherry that also have SPF. The original Carmex, however, does not come in one of these flavors, though it has always been a favorite among lip balm users.  

The menthol content of Carmel is 0.7%, Camphor 1.7%, Salicylic acid and phenol (0.4%). Salicylic is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is similar to aspirin.  

People refer to it more often as a drying ingredient. But in the real sense, salicylic acid functions as a keratolytic, bacteriostatic and comedolytic component.  

These components cause the epidermis to open clogged pores, neutralize bacteria and prevent the clogging of pores. It also promotes cell growth. 

Also, Carmex now offers several flavored lip balms, including yummy vanilla, lime, and cherry. While the original Carmex does not have SPF, some of the Carmex lip balm in the sticks does.  

Aside from this Carmex Lip Balm review, each of these varieties is also given attention their separate reviews. 

Other lip balms on the market today also shows different brands that are comparable to the products described in this Carmex Lip Balm review. They include such names as Maybelline Jojoba and Maybelline lip balms.  

These lip balms also have the same contents as all the lip above balms in this Carmel Lip Balm review. They each have their capabilities to serve as medication, protectant, and concealer on your lips.  

But there is always one that you will find appealing that makes you rush and go to the drugstore. 

The Carmex Lip Balm review would indicate that the Carmex brand is one of the best lip balms on the market today. Since the traditional Vaseline lip balm was introduced, there is nothing more complete, more soothing, and more hydrating than the Carmex brand. 

Buying Guide to Lip Balms 

If you are new to buying lip balms or do not even know about it, this Carmex Lip Balm review and buying guides can be handy to you. 

Primarily, you must remember that a lip balm is entirely different from a lipstick or a lip gloss. You have learned in this Carmex Lip Balm review that a lip balm is a wax-like substance that is intended to moisturize your lips.  

While there are many brands, most lip brands are traditionally simply, clear, and serve the purpose of healing and keeping away chapped lips from bothering you. The newer versions of lip balms, however, can come up with a variety of tints and other flavors aside from their different colors as you have read in this Carmex Lip Balm review. 

Your guide here is to choose only that lip brand which serves your purpose. For instance, if you only want to plump up your lips, you may go for lipsticks or lip glosses instead of a lip balm.  

If you want to avoid cracked lips or heal a sore, then go for a Carmex brand. By this time you are already that after reading this Carmex lip balm reviewCarmex is the ideal lip balm of your choice. 

Other brands may promise the same. But the world of lip balms has become more and more specialized to the point that one lip balm can be entirely different from another.  

It goes especially when it comes to its functions and flavors. Stick to the lip balm that can moisturize, hydrate or heal your chapped lips. 

Read on their menthol content and other ingredients. In some Carmex Lip Balm review, some people complain of an irritating and tingling feeling after putting in Carmex.  

Avoid this by putting only the amount that you need. Also, ensure that you get the lip balm that can provide you the right standard that you need.  

Aside from the quality, you don’t have to consider the price since most of the lip balms are cheap. You just have to choose the flavor or the brand that you want. 


Through this Carmex Lip Balm reviewyou will be able to narrow down your choices. You can also differentiate the different types of lip balms. 

You just have to buy the right product while considering your needs and lip issues. It has not only the right amount of medication but also one that can nourish, as well as enhance your lips. 

Above all, the lip balm you choose should be reasonably priced. Don’t just buy something that looks cute with its container, but you also have to consider the Carmex Lip Balm review 

Various brands can provide you with quality effects, but you have to be wise when choosing a product. Use this Carmex Lip Balm review to help you with it. In the next post, we’ll talk about the Benefits You Can Get When You Use Volcano Soap 




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